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25 gallon copper hydrosol still
can also be used for Brandy

Jeanne Rose
Executive Director, APP
Studies Course

Please Include your
Complete Address

The Aromatherapy Studies Course
Distiller, Grower,
Sells Stills, Boutique Hydrosols,
Aromatherapy Classes,
Distillation Classes



Prima Fleur Botanicals
1525 E. Francisco Blvd.
Suite 16
San Rafael, CA 94901
Pure Essential Oils,
Custom Skin Care

Wholesaler & Marketer of
APP Authentic Hydrosols


100 Pure Essential Oils
Offering a full line of Pure EO's,
Spa Diffusers,
Accessories and blends.
Eatwell Farms
2657 Portage Bay East, #3
Davis, CA 95616
Organic Certified,
Many kinds of Hydrosols
Morning Myst Botanics
Ann Harman
5951 Riverbend Way
Fruitland, WA 99129

Email for catalog. Wholesaler of
Artisan Crafted Hydrosols and
infused oils and salves

The Poetts hauling the Lavender to the still
  Copper Stills and
Essential Oils
  Herbal Knowledge

Stores/Sources for APP Hydrosols

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