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"Cultivating Today for a Fragrant Tomorrow"

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To educate by information with Articles and in The AROMATIC NEWS.  To encourage the growing and distillation of true essential oil plants in the United States for the production of hydrosols and essential oils; to educate consumers as to the appropriate and beneficial uses of these natural aromatherapy products; to conduct aromatherapy and distillation classes to teach the proper way to produce quality hydrosols.

The Aromatic Plant Project is a non-profit organization, founded in 1990 by Jeanne Rose, to supplement foreign-grown & distilled essential oils and hydrosols with U.S.- grown products in the local aromatherapy markets.

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  1. keep the land as land and support American Agriculture.
  2. create a larger market for authentic United States-grown and distilled essential oils and hydrosols.
  3. educate the public and consumers to purchase locally distilled hydrosols/oils and to conduct distillation and aromatherapy classes.
  4. public education, private consultation, distillation classes and via information from "The AROMATIC NEWS, News from The Aromatic Plant Project".

Consultations are available for those interested in learning how to distill,
which plants to plant for the best results, how to use essential oils and hydrosols; help choosing the correct plants for growing sites, proper chemotypes, research on distillation needs and aromatherapy for health
and personal needs are available.


All About Hydrosols

What exactly is a Hydrosol?
...Jeanne Rose. 1990

A hydrosol is a product of the distillation process -- it is the fragrant therapeutic water that collects when plants are steam-distilled to release their essential oil.

The term hydrosol is a name originated by Jeanne Rose in 1990 and is a combination of hydro (water) and sol (solution) -- that is, a distilled watery solution that contains some micro-drops of essential oil as well as the water-soluble plant components.

These micro-drops of essential oil give the hydrosol its characteristic scent and essential oil therapy while the plant components give the hydrosol its herbal or floral therapy.

Hydrosols have a strong scent, strong taste, are normally clear like water but have a pH of less than 5.5.  There are both herbal and floral hydrosols.  Hydrosols are only the first 25 - 50% of the watery distillate.  The more steam passes over the plant material, the less plant essence is extracted and the distillate water becomes water and is no longer hydrosol.

Look for the APP Seal of Authenticity for true hydrosols and products.  For information on where to buy natural Hydrosols, please visit the Favorite Links Page of the Aromatic Plant Project.


AROMATHERAPY: the use of essential oils and hydrosols obtained by distillation (from named botanical species) via inhalation through the sense of smell and through direct application, to treat mental, emotional and physical states.

DISTILLATION: is a one way process of vaporizing a substance by heat in a still, condensing the fluid by cold in a condenser, and collecting the liquid in a receiver.

ESSENTIAL OIL: fragrant volatile materials contained within plant cells and derived by physical process (such as distillation) from the plant.  The many different chemical components have more odor than others, but the totality of the components are the eponymous scent or odor of the plant.  Essential oils naturally separate from the hydrosol or water via specific gravity.

HYDROSOL: the fragrant, flavorful watery acidic product that collects along with the essential oil after the distillation of aromatic plants.

OSMICS: a science that deals with the sense of smell; the study of odors.

TERROIR: a French word that reflects the expression of the earth, the particular planting site (its topology), in the resultant essential oil and hydrosol.  The factors of soil, shade, wind, water, altitude, rain, and terrain make up the terroir.

See also our Articles regarding Distillation and Hydrosols

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Who is Jeanne Rose

Jeanne Rose, Founder & Executive Director of the Aromatic Plant Project, is an international authority on the therapeutic (medicinal and cosmetic) uses of herbs and aromatherapy. Ms. Rose is a well known instructor on Herbal Studies and Aromatherapy and author of 18 books on herbalism and aromatherapy. She conducts Aromatherapy Classes and Distillation Classes throughout the United States and Canada.  She is President Emeritus of NAHA. She is the current editor of AROMAtherapy 2037 and "The AROMATIC NEWS, News from the Aromatic Plant Project" and the Projects Executive Director.

Please visit the Jeanne Rose web site for more!

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Support American Agriculture!
Buy natural U.S. grown & distilled
hydrosols and aromatherapy products!

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