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Articles - Archives of Aromatic Plant Project News

25 Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Course, Home & Family by Jeanne Rose
40 Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Course, Home & Family by Jeanne Rose
50 Ways To Use Essential Oils© for a cleaner, sweet-smelling life

Absinthe by Jeanne Rose
Aching Foot or Morton’s Neuroma by Jeanne Rose

Aging, Getting Old, Falling Apart by Jeanne Rose
ALZHEIMER’S, An Aromatherapy Overview by Jeanne Rose
An Aromatic Wedding© by Jeanne Rose & Susan Grae and Essential Oils Jeanne Rose Antibacterial/Acne Fighting Essential Oils by Jeanne Rose
Aromatherapy Treatments for Hayfever and Allergies
Aromatherapy, Essential Oils & Hydrosols
Asthma/Chronic Bronchitis Treatment  by Jeanne Rose
Azulene and Chamomile by Éva Marie Lind, LiAM

Back Pain
Backache Treatment by Jeanne Rose
Basic 7 - Vocabulary of Odor by Jeanne Rose
Bath Health by Jeanne Rose
Bergamot Essential Oil Profile (with therapeutic additions)
Black Spruce - Essential Oil Profile
Dawn Copeland and Jeanne Rose

Blue Artemis - Artemisia arborescens Jeanne Rose

Blue Oils Jeanne Rose
Brain Boosting with Odor Jeanne Rose

Broken Ribs & Bruise Juice by Bryan L. Moore

Calophyllum inophyllum by Jeanne Rose
Carrier Oils? - A Synopsis by Jeanne Rose
Chicken Pox - Natural Treatments by Jeanne Rose

Citral Essential oils© Jeanne Rose


Citrus or Lemon Scented Oils Comparison© Jeanne Rose
Clay & Hydrosols by Jeanne Rose
Comfrey Healing
by Jeanne Rose
Conifers & Their Essential Oils by Jeanne Rose
COOKING WITH Essential Oils & Hydrosols© by Jeanne Rose and Susan Apito

Copper in History Jeanne Rose
Cypress Oil by Dawn Copeland and Jeanne Rose

Deodorants for You! by Jeanne Rose

Distillation by Jeanne Rose

Distillation Questions
Dry Skin by Jeanne Rose
Dust Mites Death by Jeanne Rose

Ears - Eustachian Tube Natural Treatment by Jeanne Rose
EAU DE VIE, The STORY OF Jeanne Rose
EO Used From Herbs/Herbs Used as Oils© by Jeanne Rose
Essential Flower Waxes by Jeanne Rose
Essential Oil Therapy/Aromatherapy for Bowel Problems

Facial Neuralgia (from 1975, updated 2008) from the Jeanne Rose case files
Forget-Me-Not Salve by Jeanne Rose
by Jeanne Rose
Frankincense Profile, A Scent from the Bible
Jeanne Rose with Rita C. Karydas
Function of Essential Oils in Plants

Garden Scents, Garden Work, A Walk in Jeanne Rose's
Garden Good Sleeping and Lemon Verbena by Jeanne Rose
GRAND FIR [Abies grandis]© Maryann Berrafatto & Jeanne Rose
GUMS, RESINS, RESINOIDS, A Brief Overview by Jeanne Rose

Headaches - Herbs and Aromatherapy by Diana Badger with Jeanne Rose
Healing Oil — The Secrets of Famous Bruise Juice Decoded by Jeanne Rose
Health - SALEM by Jeanne Rose
Heart Treatment - Heart Disease and Women by Jeanne Rose
Herbal Insect Repellents© by Jeanne Rose
Herbs Used as Oils/EO Used From Herbs© by Jeanne Rose
Hydrolysis in Essential Oils Jeanne Rose
Hydrosol - What is in It? Jeanne Rose
Hydrosol Standard Jeanne Rose
Hydrosol Standards by Jeanne Rose
Hydrosols - 101 Ways to Use Them Jeanne Rose
HYPERTENSION/High Blood Pressure Treatment© by Jeanne Rose

Is It Thyme or Marjoram or maybe Oregano? (Training Kit) Jeanne Rose

Kidney Stones - A Treatment Compiled by Jeanne Rose
Kids Essential Oils by Jeanne Rose

Lavender Lavandula species Jeanne Rose
Life String© and Powerful Wishes Jeanne Rose
Looking inside the condenser Jeanne Rose
Lyme Disease – An Analysis  Jeanne Rose

Marigold - Calendula Officinalis
Jeanne Rose
Meditation, Best Essential Oils & Herbs© by Jeanne Rose
Mint Family - Uses of Mints
Linda L. Hein with additions by Jeanne Rose
Mysterious Marjoram by Jea
nne Rose

Noble Bay - Laurus nobilis Jeanne Rose



OLFACTORY FACTS/Puzzling Facts about Olfaction


Owyhee - Artemisia Ludoviciana Jeanne Rose and George Sturtz
Owyhee Essential Oil by Jeanne Rose

Pear Essence,
Pain - Fighting Back - Herbs and Aromatherapy for Pain Massage and Bodywork 2006
POISON OAK/IVY: History & Case Study
     (AromaHerbal Treatments for Poison Oak Rash, and other Itches) by Jeanne Rose
Preserve Formula for Lotions and Water-based Items by Jeanne Rose
Products of Distillation  by Jeanne Rose for The Aromatic News, 2003


Relaxing with Lavender by Jeanne Rose
Rose Oil - The many faces of a scent by Jeanne Rose
Rosemary Chemotype - What is a Chemotype? by Jeanne Rose
Rosemary Oil - Essential Oil Profile by Jeanne Rose


Salt - Bath Salts by Jeanne Rose

Sandarac/Pounce Prepared by Jeanne Rose
Scented Gloves - Aromatic Herbal Scented gloves and how to do it.
by Jeanne Rose
SENSE OF SMELL/Olfactory Receptor Neurons & the Scent of Sorrow
Shingles -- Ravensara & Calophyllum by Jeanne Rose
Smell Ability by Jeanne Rose
Smelly Stories, More selected by Jeanne Rose
Snoring, An Aromatic Treatment To Reduce Snoring by Jeanne Rose
Soap: An Aromatic Treatment by Susan Spencer & Jeanne Rose
Spearmint - Essential Oil Profile Dawn Copeland and Jeanne Rose
Sports Relief Oils — Injuries And What to Do about it
Stress Relief by Jeanne Rose

Tea Tree Oil - Essential Oil Profile Jeanne Rose
Thyme Oil - Essential Oil Profile Jeanne Rose
Thyme Oil-Therapeutic Properties and Uses at Home by Jeanne Rose
Tonsillitis/Sore Throat Treatment by Jeanne Rose
Travel & First-Aid with Essential Oils©, Aromatherapy with a First Aid Travel Kit
Tuberose A Treasure by Jeanne Rose

Varicose Veins / Hemorrhoids by Jeanne Rose
Verbena and Lemon Balm, Melissa, and Lemon Verbena Hydrosols

Warts - Natural Cure by Jeanne Rose
Wasp - Aromatherapy Treatments (Yellow Jackets or Other Insect Stings)
Wedding – An Aromatic Wedding
Jeanne Rose
Witch Hazel - Hamamelis Jeanne Rose
Wolfie by Jeanne Rose
Woman, Herbs & Aromatherapy; TREATMENTS FOR WOMEN by Jeanne Rose

Ylang-Ylang - Essential Oil Profile Dawn Copeland and Jeanne Rose

To Read More; Please visit the Herbal & Aromatherapy Article Archives on the Jeanne Rose web site!

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Index to AROMAtherapy 2037 / APPNews Articles (1995 - 2003) $10 each
[SP = Spring SU = Summer AU = Autumn WI = Winter]

24-Hour Aromatherapy -WI '01/02
50 Ways to Use Essential Oils-AU '98
101 Ways to Use Hydrosols-SP '96

A Dog Knows His Medicine-WI '99/00
A Homemade Sundial-SP '01
Age-Related Olfactory Changes-SU '00
Ancient Perfumery-WI 95-96
Animal Aromatherapy -SP 02
Aphrodisiacs - AU 95
APP 'Heroes' and Officers-WI '99/00
APP Directory -WI'00/01
APP Income & Expenses -SU 02
APP Launch-SU '98
Aromas of Ancient Perfumery -AU '02
Aromatherapy Basics -SU 02
Aromatherapy Business-AU '99
Aromatherapy Case Studies -WI '01/02
Aromatherapy for Daily Life-SP '97
Aromatherapy for Emotional & Psychological Needs-WI '99/00
Aromatherapy for Lovers-WI '97/98
Aromatherapy for Migraines-SU '99
Aromatherapy for Weight Loss-AU/WI '96 /97
Aromatherapy Gardening- SP 95
Aromatic Cuisine-WI '99/00
Aromatic Personalities -WI '02/03
Aromatic Weddings -AU '02
Artemisia from Oregon-SP '00
Artemisia, as a Group -WI '01/02
ASC Official Credit -SU 02
Asthma Therapies -SU 95
AT & the Reproductive System-WI'00/01
AT and Special Needs Mothering-SU '01
AT Recipes for the Breasts - WI 95-96
AT Treatments for Hayfever &Allergies-SP '99
Awakening from Trauma-AU '99

Bay Distillation 2001-SU '01
Bee Here Now -AU '01
Bibliography-WI '98/99
Book Review: Herbs & Things-SP '01
Book Review: Secretory Structures of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants-AU 00
Botany Definitions -WI '01/02
Bowel Problems & Ulcers -AU '02
Breathing Problems on the Rise-AU '99
Buyer's Guide to Hydrosols-SU '99

Calendula Infused Oil-AU '99
Capsaicin Cream for Arthritis -WI '01/02
Caution on Scented Candles-AU '99
Cedar vs. Cedar-SU '00
Chamamaelum mixtum -- Ormenis- AU 00
Chemical Constitutents of EO's-SP '01
Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia -SP 02
Citrus Oils -AU 00
Clary Sage Oil -WI'00/01
Clay & Hydrosols -SU 02
CO2 Extracts-AU '99
Conference, World of Aromatherapy-SU 96
Conifers -SU 02
Cooking Vegetables Increases Iron -WI'00/01
Cooking with Floral Distillates-WI '99/00
CopperStills Brandymaker Discussed -AU '99

Death by Perfume - WI '97/98
Diet Diatribe-SU '00
Distillation Information-AU '98
Distillation Notes: Artemisia-SU '00
Distillation Notes: Lemon Balm -AU 00
Distillation Questions -SU 02
Distillation Tidbits -WI '02/03
Distillation: How-To Part I -SU '01
Distillation: How-To Part II -AU '01
Distiller Profile-SU '99
Dust Mites Remedy-AU '99
Easter,The Date of Easter -WI'00/01
Echinacea: History Repeats Itself-WI '99/00
EO's & Hydrosols for Alzheimer's-SP '98
EO's for Treatment of Addiction-SU '99
EO's Internally & Externally-AU '99
EO's used in Suppositories & Orally-SP '99
Essential Oil Function in Plants -AU '02
Essential Oils for Spring-SP 95
Essential Oils for Summer-SU 95

Fat and Edema -SU 02
Fibromyalgia, New Help for -SP '96 -
Floral Concretes Extraction-SU '97 -
Flying Tips-SP '01
Fragrance in the Bedroom -AU '01
Fragrant Pest Control - AU 95

Grand Fir -AU '01
Grasse Conference Highlights-AU '99
Gum Sandarac -WI '02/03

Hayfever and Allergies -AU '02
Herbal & Floral Smells-SP '01
Herbal Grande Dame Bequeaths
Herbal Mngement of Lung Abscess-SP '01
Herbs for Brains- AU 95
Herbs Oils for Dreaming-AU/WI '96 /97
History of Hydrosols in the US-SU '01
Hot Seaweed Baths-SU '97
How do EO & Hydrosols Work? -WI '02/03
How Does the Nose Know?-SP '01
How to Develop Your Own -AU '99
How to Give an AT Lecture-SP '98
How to Produce Quality Hydrosols -AU '01
How to Promote E.O. & AT-SU '99
How to Smell So You Don't Faint -AU '01
How to Use EO's & Hydrosols-AU/WI '96 /97
How We Scent & Smell Our Way-SU '00
Hydrosol 2002 Update -WI '01/02
Hydrosol Notes-SP '00
Hydrosols in Cooking & in the Home-SU '01
Hydrosols in Skincare Masks-WI '99/00
Hydrosols, How to Use Them -WI '01/02
Hydrosols, What Are They-WI '01/02
Hydrosols: The Other Product of Distillation-SU 95
Hydrosols: The Spirit of the Matter-WI'00/01
Hypertension -WI '02/03

Index to Aromatic News 95-01 -WI '01/02
Index to AT 2037
Insect Repellents -SU 02
Integrative Aromatherapy -WI '01/02

Jeanne Rose Interview-SP '97
Jeanne Rose Lecture on Hydrosols & the APP, Part I-WI '98/99
Jeanne Rose Lecture/Hydrosols & the APP, Part II-SP '99

Kids' Time: Fun with Rose Petals-SU '00

Latin Binomials on the Move-WI '99/00
Lavender Oil Grown in California -AU '01
Lavender, Lavender, Lavender -AU '02
Lemon-Scented Oils-SU '99
Linen - The Herbal Fabric - AU 95
Lock & Key of Odor Perception-SU '00

Melissa, Melissa, Melissa-SP '00
Melissa: Oil vs. Hydrosol-AU '99
Mental Health & Alzheimer's -WI '02/03
Mimosa Harvesting - WI '97/98

Natural Treatments for Depression-AU '97
Nomenclature -AU '01
Nose Tongue-WI '99/00

Oh Acne, Ugly Acne-SU '00
Oil of Callitris: Blue Cypress-SP '00
Organic Seeds & Plants Source -SU '99
Origin of Odortypes-SP '00
Owyhee -WI '01/02

Patchouli Oil -WI'00/01
Pear Essence-SP '01
Petrolatum Research-SU '00
pH of Hydrosols Chart -AU '01
Pheromones & Other Sexy Scents-WI '97/98
Plant Education-SP '99
PMS & Dysmennorhea -AU '02
Poison Ivy & Oak Case Studies-WI 95-96
Pregnancy - Herbs & AT -AU '01
Propane Used in Portable Distillations-AU 00
Protocol for Cleaning Bottles -AU '02

Quest for Bourbon-WI '99/00

Rare Personal Herbal Library -AU/WI '96 /97
Report from Senna, Tree Sitter -AU '01
Resins-WI '98/99
Review of '96's Top Herbs-AU/WI '96 /97
Ritual Class, the Procedure -SP 02
Rosemary Distillation Questions -SU 02
Rosemary Hydrosol-SU '00
Rosemary Research Notes-AU 00
Rosemary/Antioxidant/AntiAging -SU 02
Rosy Repast-AU '99

Scent of Man - WI '97/98
Scent of Sorrow -WI '02/03
Scents of the Bible-AU/WI '96 /97
Scholarship -SU 02
Sense of Smell/ORN -WI '02/03
Short Course in AT Botany-AU '98
Sinus & Bronchial Treatment -AU 00
Smelly Stories - WI '97/98
Smoke Affects Firefighters' Smell-WI '99/00
Sore Throat Treatment -AU 00
Source List -Stills -AU '99
Source List-Organic Seed & Plants -SP '99
SPA-SalvePerAqua -SP 02
Spritzes & Hydrosols - AU 95
Staging an AT Conference-WI '98/99
Stress Relief with Aromatherapy-SP '96
Summer Solstice Ritual-SU '00
Survival Tips for the Millennium-WI '99/00
Synesthesia-SU '01

Taking Care of EO's and Absolutes-WI '99/00
The Electronic Snuffer-AU '97
The Scent of Immunity-SU '97
The Smell of Death-SP '96
Thinking Like a Seed-SU '00
Toxicity Myths: Part I The Real Truth-SP '00
Toxicity Myths: Part II-SU '00
Trail of a Scent-AU '99

Unleash your Scent-uality -WI'00/01
Uses of Floral Water and Hydrosols- SU 95

Victorian Scents -WI '01/02

What is in the Hydrosol? -SP 02
Which Plants to Distill for Hydrosol-SU '98
Why join the APP -SP 02
Witch Hazel-SU '01
Yarrow Hydrosol -WI '01/02 Ylang-Ylang Solubility -WI '02/03

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