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Citral Essential oils
by jeanne Rose

Lemon Myrtle Backhousia citrata

            90-98% citral

            Lemon-like odor, pleasant, sweet and green undertone. Much cleaner and sweeter than Lemongrass or Litsea. No grassy or fatty note or amyl acetate fruitiness like Lemongrass. Strongly antiviral, can be used by direct application on cold sores. A wonderful lemon odor for all your soap and cosmetic needs. Carried by Natural Extracts of Australia .

Lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus

            75-85% citral

            up to 25% myrcene

            Because of the myrcene with its strongly green and vegetative note, this is not my favorite citrus odor or even one of my essential oils that I enjoy although a favorite of many.  Lemongrass used in a  soap could be used for skin care, or a foot soap for athletes foot, also considered to help minimize perspiration and stinky sweat.

Lemon Teatree Leptospermum citratum  from Australia

            80% citral

            ? citronellal

            This essential oil is interesting with that known Teatree scent with delicious overtones of citrus. You can smell and/or this oil from one of the trade show vendors, CH Imports.  It would make a great soap to be used for its antibacterial, antifungal and other citral properties.  A good addition to your soap line, possibly as a children's hand soap or at the veterinary in a pet shampoo.

May Chang Litsea cubeba

             Citral (neral + geranial) is 65%-74%.

            A very strong citrus predominating note with fruit and spice in the back notes. This is a relatively inexpensive oil that is often substituted for the very expensive Verbena. There is no true Verbena soap unless it is made with the herb itself.  The scent of commercial Verbena soaps is Litsea.  The difference in the true odor of these two essentials is quite dramatic.  I feel it is dishonest for a company to call a soap Verbena when in fact it is scented with other citrus odors or even complete synthetics.

            True studies have shown "When given orally or by inhalation, possesses prominent protective effects against bronchial asthma that is induced by inhalation of broncho-constrictors (1977). The essential oil inhibits anaphylactic shock when inhaled, and has a relaxing effect on the tracheal muscle."

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