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Winter 2002/2003

A St. Valentine's Bath for Lovers

AROMATHERAPY BATHS - Showers are to clean the body while baths are to heal the mind and body.  Hydrotherapy has been a system of therapeutic bathing rituals or various therapeutic baths to aid in the healing of various systems of the body or simply for pleasure and love.  Hydrotherapy has been prescribed since before the Roman baths were invented with their distinct and separate rooms of various temperature waters.
     For health, however, full body immersion is the key to cleansing the body of illness and with modern baths where only the lower part of the body is fully immersed this does not lend itself to a healing or living experience.  In a modern bath, one must lay down flat on your back in the tub with the legs up and out in order to get the proper healing effects.  Worried about your hair?  Wear a shower cap.  A shallow bathtub simply will not work for a 'Love' Bath.
     In a bath/hydrotherapy treatment it is important to use three baths per week of 20 minutes each.  The temperature of the water is not important.  Start with warm baths, add Seaweeds, Moor Mud, herbs and/or hydrosols.  In a 'Love' Bath, bathe together and make it memorable!
     A simple herbal bath is the use of any fresh herbs that you have available in a standard infusion with 10 drops of essential oils that compliment the herbs.  To make an infusion, follow the standard infusion recipe [any book - use 1 oz. mixed herbs, add to 1 quart boiling water.  Turn off the heat immediately, cover and let steep 20 minutes.]

     Citrus Bath - i.e. Citrus peels infusion of any combination of citrus peels, plus citrus and Patchouli essential oil [1 drop each Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, 3 of Neroli + 4 drops Patchouli.]

     Valentine's Day Bath - Make a cold infusion of any sweet herbs, especially Jasmine, Roses, Lavender.  [1 oz flowers, add to 1 quart very hot water, cover.]  After a few hours drop the strained infusion into your bath for two or hot tub, add a few drops of red food coloring for pizzazz and color.  Add a few drops, 3 of each of essential oils of Jasmine, Rose and Lavender which are three of the essential oils of Love & Romance.  Bathe long, wash each others backs, relax.  When you get out of the tub, your skin will be sweet and silky and healthy, smooth and soft, and ready for anything.

with help from The Herbal Body Book by Jeanne Rose
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